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More About Us

Find Football Gear was founded in August 2019 and started out as a basic website offering reviews and helping you find the best football gear on the market, whether its your favorite clubs football kit, training gear or any footballing accessories you will find it on here..

Our reviews are based on our writers trying out the Football kit and equipment and making sure that these are all up the the high standards we expect when buying football equipment. Feel free to read more about us and why we began Find Football Gear.

What is Posted on Find Football Gear?

All of the content on here is provided by our team of writers who all play football and are enthusiasts of the game, so we aim to provide the best reviews on all of your favourite football items, we know it can be difficult to find your teams kit at times, so we have done all the hard work for you and put it all in one place.

Find Football Gear Content

steve at golf gear hub

The main writer for Find Football Gear is Sid, who loves football kit, he regularly plays 5 asides and wears a wide range of training tops as he feels more comfertable in his fav teams training wear. Very often Sid is seen wearing different teams colours, and continues to buy training equipment to enjoy playing sports in.

We are frequently revisiting our posts to ensure all the products and guides you see are the latest and the best available.

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